We provide personalised advice and service – the way it should be

At all points along the financial management pathway, FMA Wealth is working with you to craft personalised solutions.

The FMA Wealth Difference

The team at FMA Wealth has built their reputation for excellence with their individualised care and understanding of clients.

Our approach includes the “3 Cs” of wealth creation: consultation, customisation, and communication.

Through our tailored consultation, our customised solutions and consistent communication, FMA Wealth builds genuine, trusting partnerships with ongoing clients.

FMA Wealth knows our clients are driven – and want an equally dynamic approach to planning. Our clients want:

  • Assistance in identifying their goals and objectives
  • A clear roadmap for a first-class financial future
  • Smart solutions to help hit their identified targets
  • Successful outcomes in line with their tailored financial strategy

Our focus is to deliver quality and easy-to-understand financial advice.


The Financial Roadmap

In developing your curated financial plan, there are five key steps our team takes with each client.

  1. Agree on a course of action. After meeting you, consulting and having an in-depth conversation to analyse and understand your needs, we prepare a customised roadmap for the way ahead.
  2. Agree on expectations – from both sides in the partnership. Communication, protocols, and time frames are key parts of this step.
  3. Agree on and understand the anticipated benefits and risks of the plan.
  4. Implement the agreed plan. Regular communication keeps you informed of progress and achievements, and provides ongoing opportunities for feedback, questions, and concerns.
  5. Monitor the plan. Our team regularly reviews all client plans and update them in consultation with you when situations change.

Building Partnerships

Your finances are one of the most important parts of your life. As your personal financial planning partner, our business is helping you control your finances and achieve your financial goals.

That’s why we believe our partnership with you is a close, trusted bond. It is at the heart of our success and at the heart of your successful wealth creation and financial management outcomes.

We are here to help build and protect your wealth.

The foundation and growth

Delivering value to each other

The foundation and growth of FMA Wealth in providing financial planning services to clients has been built on client referrals.

Our philosophy is that in providing trusted, bespoke advice to our clients, they in turn recognise our value.

Many of the busy professionals and other diverse clients who seek out our experience, knowledge, personalised advice and first-class service are referred to us by current clients or through other strategic alliances, both here and abroad.

Ready to start with us?

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