We aim to help our clients create and evolve steady wealth strategies.

At FMA Wealth, we consider wealth creation both an art and a science.

Since 2001, FMA Wealth has worked with professionals and high net worth individual to develop and implement wealth creation strategies.

With years of expertise honed through working in senior positions in Australian and international companies, as well as beginning and operating his own successful advice business, FMA Wealth’s Managing Director, Frank MacDonagh, has refined his approach to wealth creation and management down to a fine art.

As for the science, our recommendations are based on strong, evidence-based principles tried and tested over time, and the latest available research and data.

A structured blueprint to wealth creation

As the leading boutique provider of bespoke financial advisory services, FMA Wealth’s customised approach and commitment to wealth creation generates results.

We consider the diverse factors that need to be taken into account when growing your capital, such as:

  • Effective asset management: the key to future capital growth
  • Structuring and tax management
  • Strong and effective investment decisions
  • Strategic superannuation choices
  • Planning and managing savings, cash flow and debt
  • Insurance that fits your family and lifestyle requirements
  • Forward planning: retirement, estate plans, family trusts, etc.

FMA Wealth works with you to consider each of these key building blocks of wealth creation, as part of your important personalised plan.


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