The right protection when you
need it the most

We can help you implement the appropriate personal insurance and wealth protection to reduce the risks we can all have when in our wealth accumulation years, and to secure what you have already acquired. Unfortunately, life is full of uncertainty and often the unexpected can occur. So, you need to establish a financial safety net to ensure you and your family are properly protected during a difficult time.

Guidance from expert advice and support

We can help you evaluate the risks and the solutions to come up with and determine the right personalised insurance solution for you and your family.

Being adequately insured is a key concern for many of our clients and their families. We routinely hear that many Australians are underinsured, or are “abandoning” insurance due to expensive premiums. FMA Wealth’s philosophy and experience is that that sensible insurance cover is one of the most valuable investments you can make. It is an investment in protecting you and your family”s wealth and lifestyle and its future.

While FMA Wealth’s approach is to reassure our clients and build positive financial futures, it is also important to acknowledge reality. When you have invested significant time, energy and resources building wealth and accumulating assets, you should be proud of your achievements.

You should also be aware that being uninsured or under-insured exposes you to unnecessary risk and potential heartache. Loss of income. It can devastate a family. Loss of income due to accident, sickness, death or permanent disability after common events like heart attack, stroke or cancer which can strike anyone, can devastate the individual and their families.

Why risk losing the fruits of your labour in one blow because you do not have insurance, or the right level of insurance?


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