FMA Wealth is a specialist financial advisory firm

Frank MacDonaghPrincipal Adviser of FMA Wealth

Why FMA Wealth, applied for its own Australian Financial Services Licence (AFSL)?

We have moved into our new offices based in beautiful Manly. We have honed our business, rebranded, and updated our website. All is looking swish! Have a look on Ironically though, Zoom meetings are proving to be preferred by quite a few clients during these social distancing times!

Moreover, we now are self-licensed, and no longer licensed via, what was termed, a dealer group. As we advised you a few weeks’ ago FMA Wealth was granted its own AFSL. We are delighted with this outcome and for the opportunities and increased flexibility, and directional control, that we believe being self-licenced will bring.

Providing quality, personalised and impartial financial advice is the very important service that we aim to deliver to our clients. To provide financial advice you must do so under an AFSL, which operates in a very regulated and compliance aware environment. I believe that our self-licensing move will see improved outcomes for both the business and, importantly, for our clients too.

FMA Wealth has chosen this new path of having its own licence to allow for greater control for the business. We believe that self-licensing is the way forward for our business and what we offer, and we want to remain boutique and private. We will continue to have a sincere, caring, hands on, and inclusive approach with our valued clients. We want to know that our clients’ financial affairs are managed from the top and not outsourced. We want our clients to have this peace of mind of being in safe hands, and to know this with confidence and with continued confidentiality of their personal and financial information.

FMA Wealth wants to remain committed to being:

  • Boutique and Professional.
  • Knowledgeable, Experienced and Understanding, and valuable advisers to our clients.
  • Very Client Centric. You speak with us, you deal with us, not with a call centre.
  • Private and Discreet with clients’ information and their tailored advice.
  • Self-Licenced and Privately Owned.
  • Non-Aligned to Institutions and to Products.

We look forward to continuing to work with our clients to achieving their goals!